The Ugliest House in North Vancouver

My client was looking for a home that he could substantially renovate. He wanted something that was centrally located, structurally sound and large enough to add a good size legal suite.  After some research, I suggested that we take a look at a house in the Westview area of North Vancouver.

The MLS photo of the house was so bad that my client called it, “The ugliest house in North Vancouver.”  He was right.  It did look bad, but we both felt it deserved a viewing.  We arranged a visit and, as we suspected, the house was in excellent shape.

It was so ugly that most people wouldn’t give it a chance but my client was able to look past the garbage, the over grown garden and the broken window to see that with some work he could transform it into exactly what he was looking for.

We made an offer, and I was able to negotiate the price down approximately 11% and my client began renovating last September.