Where’s The Boogeyman?

The development plan for a small section of West Vancouver’s Ambleside waterfront has been abandoned… again!

West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith is clearly frustrated by the small but vocal group of opponents.  He recently commented, “There isn’t another waterfront community in the world that doesn’t use their waterfront.  Drive down to Ambleside now, you won’t see anybody down there. A park doesn’t have to be exclusively open space.”

During the winter months it does seem that much of the Ambleside waterfront is virtually empty.  I believe that is appealing to many of the development opponents.  Free parking and easy waterfront access to a serene park where you can walk your dog or simply go for a quiet stroll.  I understand that part of it.

I also understand the economic reality of an area that’s really only vibrant during the warm summer months.  Since 1975, the city has purchased 29 of the 32 available waterfront lots.  The intention is to purchase the remaining three but the municipality would be required to increase taxes to finance it.  Could we help  finance it through tax revenue generated by a water-front wine bar and restaurant?  For example, The Beach House restaurant in Dundarave seems to fit rather nicely in the community.

Perhaps we can enjoy a similar experience in Ambleside one day.  The debate rages on…