Tree Removal Restrictions

There seems to be some confusion on this issue but, generally speaking, there are no tree removal restrictions on private property in West Vancouver. Permits are required if the tree in question is within a creek corridor or  “environmentally sensitive” area or the tree is within a covenant area. Some properties have, as part of their title, restrictive covenants which may preclude owners from removing trees. I’ve had conversations with several people from the district on this issue and have received conflicting information but unless either of the above conditions apply, tree removal on West Vancouver private property is at the owner’s discretion.

North Vancouver, by contrast, has a very specific private property tree removal policy. Here are the guidelines:

  • Tree is greater than 75cm diameter measured at 1 meter from the ground
  • Tree is within 15m of a non-fish bearing stream
  • Tree is within 30m of a fish bearing stream
  • Tree is on a slope greater than 30% (16.5 degrees)
  • Tree is a Western Yew and has a diameter greater than 25cm measured at .80m from the ground


If you are considering the purchase of a North Shore property with the intention of removing trees always check with the District/City prior to submitting your offer.