I’d Like to Sell But I’ve Got Nowhere to Go

This is, without question, the most common objection I hear when speaking to people about selling their home. Selling is a large undertaking especially for individuals who have been in their homes for many years. They would rather stay than face the unknown, even though their current home may no longer fit their needs or lifestyles.  This is especially true of seniors. I’ve seen  many situations where seniors are living in properties they can no longer maintain.

The best way to eliminate this fear is to start looking for another place to live. This sounds obvious and simplistic but it’s true. The most success I’ve had with clients facing this dilemma is to ask what they want/need in a new home ? Start with location. Perhaps you want to sell your 3,500 sq ft West Vancouver family home and move to Ambleside or Lower Lonsdale. Good. How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you require? Would you prefer a high rise with a balcony and view or is a ground floor duplex with a small garden better for you ?  How much do you want to spend? Continue compiling this list of needs/wants until you’ve developed a solid picture of what your new home will look like. Once you have this information ask me to start e-mailing the new listings that fit the parameters.  This will help you understand what’s available at what price point.  Once you’re comfortable with the inventory, ask me to arrange a few viewings so you can see the properties for yourself. Once you start to physically look at properties you’re likely to find something you like in a short period of time. The key is to start the process.

I usually recommend purchasing a property prior to selling your existing home. It’s important to have a realistic selling price for your home before purchasing something as you need to plan financially but I find the buying process is usually much longer than the selling cycle. Also, you can usually arrange long closing/possession times to coincide with the sale of your home. So don’t simply stay in a situation that’s not right and say “I’ve got no where to go”.  Be pro-active, look at properties and find something that meets your needs. I’ve gone through this process  many times with clients and have yet to hear anybody say they wish they had never made the move. Quite the opposite, they always wish they would have done it sooner.